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   Future Events  


          2018 Syllabus

July 3              Moon Stamps Lunar Eclipse

July 4              Daytime Meeting

August 7         Year of a clean and healthy Planet

August 8         Daytime Meeting

September 4  Spring, Irises & Edna (Memories of a Lovely Lady)

September 5  Daytime Meeting

October 2       A.G.M. Presidents Display

October 3       Daytime Meeting

November 6   Club Competitions

November 7   Daytime Meeting

December 4   Christmas Eats and Monster Auction

December 5   Daytime Meeting


   MINI AUCTIONS: with Limit of 5 lots per person ARE HELD AT MEETINGS when there is no display.    Read down:

    Please note: change to Auction Lots:

Now reduced to 5 lots per member except December when it is 10 items.

Should you have Auction lots please email the Treasurer Margaret Brown on mabrown@bigpond.net.au no later than two days before for lot numbers.

All submissions of lots incur a fee of 20 cents per lot whether sold or not.                              

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