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The Postmarks and  Postal History of the City of Greater Bendigo
This project is at the time of writing on hold pending further assistance

With the bygone era of the Bendigo Gold Rush came the postal Service and with that came  a wealth of Postal Stationery, accumulated by budding philatelists, who  had the foresight to collect such philatelic treasures.
Sadly much of this material has been lost over the years for one reason or another and it was this which prompted the Committee of the Bendigo Philatelic Society Inc. in 2010 to take up the challenge and produce a publication to be titled :
"The Postmarks and Postal History of the City of Greater Bendigo" in order to preserve the local history of Bendigo and Districts.

The Society will launch the publication at the Annual Stamp Fair, to be held in August of 2013, this being the year that celebrates the centenary of Australias first stamp issue namely the Kangaroo and Map.

Although a massive undertaking, the members of the Bendigo Philatelic Society Inc. have eagerly accepted the challenge and to date have accumulated a considerable amount of information and material, which has been made available for publishing.

The Bendigo Philatelic Society Inc. would appreciate any assistance in obtaining any postal items and/or philatelic material as well as any postal history relative to this project with the supply of photocopies or computer scans of such information.

Please contact the Secretary on:Tel:
03 5442 1942     

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